3D-MID packages in sensor systems

A multitude of modern applications such as driverless transport systems, safety systems and patient monitoring systems require sensors that detect changes in the surroundings.

3D-MID packages from HARTING allow a high level of integration for various sensor technologies with simultaneous miniaturization of the sensor system thanks to exact 3D positioning.


Sensor platform for a large-format camera

The interaction of several CCD sensors enables the large-format camera (AWARE) to create high-resolution images in the gigapixel range.

As the respective customer was unable to create a solution with conventional PCB technology, HARTING Mitronics developed a miniaturized sensor platform in MID constructions.

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Case Study Sensor Platform


Position sensor for adaptive speed control 

Adaptive Cruise Control systems (ACC) automatically regulate the safe distance to vehicles ahead by way of a sensor positioned in the front area.

Thanks to a HARTING MID solution it was possible to reduce the size of the ACC system while simultaneously achieving greater precision.

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Case Study Position Sensor


Sun sensor for air conditioning

Modern air conditioning systems regulate the interior temperature depending on various influences such as sunlight.

In order to maximize the sun sensors' measurement accuracy and reduce the assembly's size, HARTING developed a space-saving base carrier enabling the optimal arrangement of the optic sensors.

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Case Study Sun Sensor

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