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    08.08.2018 - HARTING AG Biel, newly certificated in IATF 16949 : 2016

    New certification for manufacturing of multifunctional packages for microelectronics
    accordingly to the general requirements of the quality management systems in the automotive industry.

    The IATF 16949 : 2016 Certificate is valid from 2018-05-31 till 2021-05-30

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    30.07.2014 - HARTING Mitronics, as LDS technology user, awarded quality seal

    In order to additionally ensure the quality of the LDS process and protect end customers from product pirates, laser direct structuring (LDS) technology users are awarded a quality seal.

    Only manufacturers that fulfil the high quality standards and verifiably produce with the LPKF-LDS method and suitable and approved materials receive the quality seal. The seal guarantees a high technological standard and is used for quality assurance. Consequently, all end customers have a simple way to check if their suppliers work with high quality LPKF technology.


    24.06.2014 - HARTING Mitronics online with new website

    HARTING Mitronics currently ranks as the largest supplier of 3D-MID components in Europe.  
    Some 50 employees are active at the HARTING Mitronics competence center in Biel (Switzerland) that has been serving customers around the world since 2003. HARTING Mitronics is a division of the HARTING Technology Group with headquarters in Espelkamp in East Westphalia, Germany. Now HARTING Mitronics has gone online with a new website:

    In addition to general information on the company, the new website offers detailed information on the company's 3D-MID competence in product development, in the various manufacturing technologies, and in assembly and interconnection techniques. "In-depth technical basics and information on individual series applications are presented with whitepapers and case studies that customers can also download," reports Dr. Christian Goth, R & D Manager, HARTING Mitronics.

    HARTING Mitronics' core business is the production of mechatronic components for automobile manufacturing, industrial applications, medical technology and sensor systems. The development and production services for individual 3D-MID components represent particular strengths.


    Further Publications:

    • 26.09.2014 - Lens Carrier and Heating Element for Laser-Fluorescence Based Caries Diagnostics — Presentation

      Lens Carrier and Heating Element for Laser-Fluorescence-Based Caries DiagnosticsInternationaler Kongress MID 2014, Fürth. KaVo DIAGNOcam, Laser-Fluorescence-Based Caries Diagnostics, Description of 3D-MID Lens Carrier and Heating Element(PDF 2.7 M)Download
    • 26.09.2014 - Hot Pin Pull Method – New Test Procedure for the Adhesion Measurement for 3D - MID — Paper

      Hot Pin Pull Method – New Test Procedure for the Adhesion Measurement for 3D-MIDThe adhesion test of metallic structures on 3D-MID parts is an unsolved issue. So far no method really works reliably. The test methods which are conventionally used are the pull-off test and the shear-test. Both show large standard deviation and the reproducibility is not assured. Nordson DAGE has introduced the new micro-material testing system 4000Plus. This device enables a new test method for the determination of the adhesion strength of MID structures using the hot pin pull (hot bump pull) method. Copper pins (tinned or untinned) are heated up with a user defined temperature profile, soldered to a metallized structure on the MID and then removed vertically upward, while the force is recorded. In this contribution investigations with this new test method are presented. By Dr. Christian Goth, Thomas Kuhn, Gerald Gion und Prof. Jörg Franke.(PDF 349 K)Download
    • 28.08.2014 - Hot Pin Pull Method – New Test Procedure for the Adhesion Measurement for 3D-MID — Presentation

      Hot Pin Pull Method – New Test Procedure for the Adhesion Measurement for 3D-MID Internationaler Kongress MID 2014, Fürth. Adhesion measurement for 3D-MID, Test method hot pin pull, Results of basic investigations (Size of test structures, Temperature profile, Wetting of test structures, Integration into series production) (PDF 1.3 M)Download
    • 05.08.2014 - 3D-MID for Automotive — Presentation

      3D-MID for AutomotiveSensors – Camera Systems – Lighting – Antennas – Switches(PDF 0.9 M)Download
    • 13.01.2014 - 3D-MID Komponente in einem Radarsensor zur adaptiven Geschwindigkeitsregelung — German Paper

      3D-MID-Komponente-in-einem-Radarsensor-zur-adaptiven-GeschwindigkeitsregelungIm Beitrag wird ein Radarsystem zur adaptiven Geschwindigkeitsregelung vorgestellt, das bei der automatischen Abstandsregelung unterstützt. Der Fahrer kann eine konstante Geschwindigkeit wählen, ohne den Sicherheitsabstand zum vorausfahrenden Fahrzeug zu unterschreiten. Eine wesentliche Komponente des Sensorsystems ist eine räumliche elektronische Baugruppe, ein 3D-MID. Von Dr. Christian Goth, Frank Wittwer, Michael Grätz und Uwe Rudy.(PDF 681 K)Download
    • 08.04.2014 - 3D-MID Komponente in einem Radarsensor zur adaptiven Geschwindigkeitsregelung — German Presentation

      3D-MID-Komponente-in-einem-Radarsensor-zur-adaptiven-Geschwindigkeitsregelung Sensoren im Automobil, 2014, Munich. Einsatzzweck und Funktion des Radarsensors - Warum wurde eine MID-Lösung umgesetzt - Aufgaben des MID-Teils - Fertigungstechnische Aspekte - Projektrealisierung(PDF 1.2 M)Download
    • 08.07.2014 - Sophisticated 3D systems realized by the combination of 3D-MID and PCB — Presentation

      Sophisticated-3D-systems-realized-by-the-combination-of-3D-MID-and-PCBSmart Systems Integration, 2014, Vienna. What is 3D-MID. - Specific advantages of 3D-MID and PCB - Interconnection of 3D-MID and PCB(PDF 1.2 M)Download
    • 18.12.2013 - Sophisticated 3D systems realized by the combination of 3D-MID and PCB — Paper

      Sophisticated-3D-systems-realized-by-the-combination-of-3D-MID-and-PCB The continuous technological progress leads to an increase of electronic systems in almost all industries including medical technology in diagnostics for mobile monitoring or endoscopic surgery as well as automotive industry for driver assistance systems or electrical drive mobility. The necessary miniaturization and functionality to open up new and decentralized installation spaces requires innovative solutions. 3D molded interconnect devices (3D-MID) enable multifunctional 3D packages. Two innovative solutions are presented in this paper: a lighting module for a sensor based security system and a sensor carrier for a large-format camera. By Dr. Christian Goth, Frank Wittwer, Dr. Ellen McMillan.(PDF 295 K)Download