From your ideas to products

In a process of partnership based dialog, we implement your idea – from the development of interconnect devices suitable for manufacturing to the early construction of prototypes through to the final series production and qualification of the 3D-MID packages.

At every step in the process you will profit from our many years of experience, a broad technology portfolio and testing and inspection solutions that have proven themselves in series production.

We implement your ideas:
Concept & design

Stringently focused, targeted development is the perfect foundation for a series product that lives up to our customers' requirements and demands. In addition to functionality, the emphasis of the concept and design is on cost efficient, technologically expedient solutions.

Featuring a compact layout, an optimized number of individual components and the reduction of interfaces, we develop a product concept ready for manufacturing. In close dialog with you/our customers, we tap efficiency potentials, increase product reliability, while streamlining and simplifying the manufacturing process.

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Whitepaper Development

We bring your ideas to life:
Prototypes & samples

HARTING accompanies the 3D-MID implementation process with extensive possibilities for the production of samples. The prototyping spectrum ranges from visually representative samples all the way through to fully functional assemblies.

This allows us to illustrate the development progress at an early stage and enable the first tests and trials. In this way, it is possible to develop even more specific plans for the development steps and shorten the implementation time from ideas to products.

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Whitepaper Prototyping

We understand your requirements:
Qualification & inspection

We test and qualify materials, processes and your products under accredited conditions. We have developed our own design and testing criteria based on our many years of experience. We monitor all production and business processes in accordance with ISO 9001 and TS 16949.

We carry out functional tests and inspections before delivery based on the quality characteristics that we define together with our customers.

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Whitepaper Qualification